Film Review Short Shorts: Popeye the Sailor–Scrap the Japs


POPEYE THE SAILOR–SCRAP THE JAPS (1942) dir. Seymour Kneitel

24 Words or Less: Hard-working ‘Murican Popeye is attacked by buck-teethed villains whose culture and industry is apparently ripe for ridicule. 

Best bit: …hard to say. The whole thing is pretty depressing.


Film Review Short Shorts: Evil Mickey Attacks Japan


TOY BOX SERIES, EPISODE 3, PICTURE BOOK 1936 (1934), produced by Komatsuzawa Hajime’s.

24 Words or Less: Strange and disturbing retaliatory propaganda cartoon with dancing dolls and tigers on the good side and a Mickey Mouse army on the bad side. 

Best bit: At the end, what is apparently some kind of nuclear substance is released on Mickey, reducing him to a skeleton, and everyone points and laughs. And you’re like… what… 

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