Film Review Short Shorts: 1984


1984 (1984) by Michael Radford: 6/10

24 Words or Less: Slow and uninteresting. Orwell’s novel is accurately reflected by the grey colouring of the film, but not by Smith’s (Hurt’s) persistent vacant stare.

Best bit: There’s a long dialogue between Winston Smith and O’Brien which probably explored the important subject matter, but somehow it was so quiet and mumbled I couldn’t hear it. 


Film Review Short Shorts: Bobby Fischer Against the World


BOBBY FISCHER AGAINST THE WORLD (2011) by Liz Garbus: 7/10

24 Words or Less: The sad life of a true ‘stereotype’ troubled chess genius. Spends an hour building up to championship victory then rattles through his subsequent breakdown.

Best bit: Wouldn’t be the film it is without Harry Benson’s beautiful photographs (LIFE magazine).

Film Review Short Shorts: La Vie en Rose


LA VIE EN ROSE (2007) by Olivier Dahan: 7/10

24 Words or Less: A bleak story of a bleak figure who was in turns demanding, impossible, desperate and vulnerable. Eyebrows pass without comment or explanation.

Best Bit: The continuous “grief” shot from Marcel’s arrival to Piaf’s singing on stage.

Film Review Short Shorts: Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids cupcake

BRIDESMAIDS (2011) dir. Paul Feig: 5/10

24 Words or Less: I didn’t laugh once. But I found the theme of female loneliness poignant and moving.

Best bit: The day after, I thought, did I dream that argument about intimate bleaching? But I didn’t.

Film Review Short Shorts: American Psycho


AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) dir. Mary Harron: 9/10

24 Words or Less: Blackly funny, horribly graphic, but so clever and such an interesting exploration of self-esteem and character in a postmodern context.

Best bit: The business card scene. ‘Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it. It even has a watermark.’

Film Review Short Shorts: Brave


BRAVE (2011) by Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman & Steve Purcell: 7/10

24 Words or Less: I just DID NOT see the bear thing coming. So found it hard to connect with the story. Beautifully designed animation, hair’s amazing.

Best bit: Billy Connolly provides an excellent voice for his larger-than-life King.

Film Review Short Shorts: Ghostbusters


GHOSTBUSTERS (1984), dir. Ivan Reitman: 9/10

24 Words or Less: This film is the definition of ridiculous, and that’s what makes it great.

Best bit: Bill Murray.

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