Film Review Short Shorts: The Red Shoes


THE RED SHOES (1948) by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger: 6/10

24 Words or Less: The dance sequence is so good that it outshines the rest, apart from the last ten minutes, which re-captures the fantasy aspect.

Best bit: The dance opens up new moods and possibilities which aren’t capitalised on.

3 thoughts on “Film Review Short Shorts: The Red Shoes

  1. This movie will be shown on TCM ( turner classic movies) tonight. I really enjoy this film and i wish it was more well known. Don’t mind me asking but did you personally rate the movie? I would like to know why you rated the movie so low. I know from rotten tomatoes and ImDB ranked the movie 98 % and 8.3 out of 10.

    • Of course. I guess I felt it started quite linear and suburban, then the dance sequence brought in this phantasmic, dream-like quality that I really enjoyed. But then the film returned to the ‘ordinary’, as it were; the two men and the success of the ballet. I was pleased with the supernatural element of the ending, but because so much of the film was like any other, it felt jarring, even though those were the parts I enjoyed the most. What do you enjoy about it? I wonder what it would be like in the hands of someone like Baz Lurhmann.

      • I agree with you as well about the cinematography and story. I really enjoyed the story and the concept of the movie being a play within a play. The acting is very well done and even though i actually wasn’t expecting the ending to be depressing i really liked the build up towards the final scene and the little hints the producer and director threw in the film. The movie had so many important elements from color, symbolism, foreshadowing, having numerous emotions thrown within the film that the movie itself is a gem and you rarely see movies like it today. I’m normally against remakes from classics but it would be interesting to see Baz remake it if he were to do so in the future. I noticed a lot of his films are somewhat similar to the red shoes. I wonder if the movie was a inspiration to him. A couple years ago when i watched the movie The Black Swan i noticed the story lines/themes were similar as well. The director, Darron Aronofsky ha been rumored to take certain themes or scenes from other previous movies. Example would be Black Swan from the movie Perfect Blue and Requim for a dream ( bathtub scene of jennifer connelly screaming is also from Perfect Blue). I still enjoy his movies though

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