Film Review Short Shorts: No Country for Old Men


NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007) by Joel and Ethan Coen: 9/10

24 Words or Less: Dark plot intertwines the heartfelt fears of an ageing Sheriff with the nihilistic determinism of a killer. Universal relatability, though I dislike the genre(s). 

Best bit: Javier Bardem’s haircut is as terrifying as Chigurh’s rationale.

Film Review Short Shorts: Rebecca


REBECCA (1940) by Alfred Hitchcock: 9/10

24 Words or Less: Wonderfully dramatic yet intuitive portrayal of the unfolding mystery the 2nd Mrs DeWinter  marries into. Gripping, atmospheric, beautiful, brilliantly nuanced performance from Joan Fontaine.

Best bits: Classic 1940′s British accents. Phrases like ‘foul play’ and ‘old boy’ abound. ‘Have a look at The Times this morning; there’s a thrilling article on what’s the matter with English cricket.’

Film Review Short Shorts: The Red Shoes


THE RED SHOES (1948) by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger: 6/10

24 Words or Less: The dance sequence is so good that it outshines the rest, apart from the last ten minutes, which re-captures the fantasy aspect.

Best bit: The dance opens up new moods and possibilities which aren’t capitalised on.

Film Review Short Shorts: The Queen of Versailles


THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES (2012) by Lauren Greenfield: 8/10

24 Words or Less: The rise and fall of the wealthy Siegels and their ambitious building project. You will sit open-mouthed, goggling, throughout. Still somehow humanising.

Best bit: ‘I personally got George W. elected president… had I not stuck my big nose into it, perhaps there wouldn’t have been an Iraq war.’

Film Review Short Shorts: Berberian Sound Studio


BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO (2012) by Peter Strickland: 10/10

24 Words or Less: You never see the grisly film, only hear the sounds Gilderoy has to produce. Thus so chilling and original. Atmosphere is claustrophobic, intimidating. 

Best bit: The film is long, but the last third is still the best part and the best possible choice of direction.

Film Review Short Shorts: Mud


MUD (2012) by Jeff Nichols: 9/10

24 Words or Less: Beautiful, raw, heartbreaking. I just loved it. Summertime coming-of-age backwater town tale that still manages to be new.

Best bit: It wasn’t when Matthew McConaughey took his shirt off. That just reminded me of his unfortunate romcom days.

Film Review Short Shorts: Jeff, Who Lives At Home


JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME (2011) by Jay and Mark Duplass: 8/10

24 Words or Less: Spent 2/3rds thinking it was OK-ish; then it all came together, and I thought, this is so wonderful, affirming without being saccharine, true and real.

Best bit: Finale on the boat. The vom was what made it well-pitched.

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